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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia & Applications Birmingham, West Midlands, UK.

Day 2 :

Keynote Forum

Jongweon Kim

Sangmyung University, Korea

Keynote: Security issues for multimedia content

Time : 10:05-10:35

OMICS International Multimedia 2015 International Conference Keynote Speaker Jongweon Kim photo

Jongweon Kim received his PhD degree from University of Seoul, major in signal processing. He is currently a Professor of Department of Contents and Copyright and Chief of Creative Content Labs at Sangmyung University in Korea. He has a lot of practical experiences in the digital signal processing and copyright protection technology in the institutional, the industrial, and academic environments. His research interests are in the areas of copyright protection technology, digital rights management, digital watermarking, and digital forensic marking.


Advance of internet and computer technology allowed people to have access to multimedia easily. However, on the other side of this advantage, infringement has risen up as a problem. Although each country has been taking copyright laws to restrict the infringement, different laws of countries have created a gap between countries protected the laws well and those could not. Recently nations of pan pacific are promoting a commitment to strengthen the copyright. Despite all the efforts, piracy is still increasing. Improvement of law along with the development of the technology is not compromised. Especially emerging of new technologies such as Torrent required efficient copyright protection measure. This presentation is going to deal with typical copyright protection measure such as digital right menagement, watermarking, and digital finger printing as well as the controversies of each technologies.

Keynote Forum

Tsang-Ling Sheu

National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan

Keynote: Emerging technologies for multimedia networks

Time : 10:35-11:05

OMICS International Multimedia 2015 International Conference Keynote Speaker Tsang-Ling Sheu photo

Tsang-Ling Sheu has received his PhD degree in Computer Engineering from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Penn State University, University Park, Pennsylvania, USA in 1989. He has worked with IBM Corporation at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA (1989-1995). In 1995, he became an Associate Professor and was promoted to Full Professor in 2006 at the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan. His research interests include wireless networks, mobile communications and multimedia networking. He was the recipient of the 1990 IBM outstanding paper award and he is a Senior Member of the IEEE and the IEEE Communications Society.


There is a growing need for people to communicate with each other and have timely access to multimedia regardless of the location of the individuals or the information. Emerging technologies for multimedia networks (ETMN) pose an engineering challenge that can be met only with an efficient and reliable network. The demand for multimedia networks is increasing and its sophistication and ubiquity has led to the need for a better understanding of fundamental issues. The workshop of ETMN intends to provide a forum for researchers, educators and professionals to exchange their discoveries and practices and to explore future trends and applications. Your presentation at the workshops would be an excellent opportunity for you to meet colleagues and to discuss technology advancements. Possible topics of interests include but are not limited to Multimedia Protocols and Architectures, Multimedia on Mobile Communication Systems (4G/5G), Multimedia on MTM, Ad-hoc and Sensor Networks, Multimedia Vehicular Networks, Multimedia Network Performance, Analysis and Evaluation, Quality of Services (QoS) and Innovative Multimedia Networking and Applications.

Break: Coffee Break 11:05-11:25 @ Salis-Well