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5th Global Summit and Expo on Multimedia, Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence Technology, will be organized around the theme “Shaping the next generation with latest advancements in Multimedia, Block chain & AI technology”

multimedia 2019 is comprised of keynote and speakers sessions on latest cutting edge research designed to offer comprehensive global discussions that address current issues in multimedia 2019

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Image processing is a field of computer science that develops techniques and approach to convert a picture into digital form and implement some operations on that, in order to get an intensify image some useful information from it. Multimedia conference mainly covers topics like image acquisition, Image enhancement, image segmentation, feature extraction, image classification still-image coding, Stereoscopic and 3d Imaging, Medical Imaging, Image Rendering, display, printing novel topics.

  • Track 1-1Image sensor
  • Track 1-2Image recognition
  • Track 1-3Image Rendering
  • Track 1-4Still-image coding, Stereoscopic and 3-D coding
  • Track 1-5Distributed source coding, Source/Channel coding
  • Track 1-6Image filtering
  • Track 1-7Image restoration and enhancement
  • Track 1-8Image segmentation

Computer vision, Pattern recognition & multimedia system area has growth throughout the past decade, since there’s a development need for semantically understanding the content of image and video data from the predominant images and videos sharing associations such as Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, etc. The output of CV is an interpretation or some quantitative assessment of the structures with in the 3D scene, video coding and streaming in support of vision applications, vision-directed compression.

  • Track 2-1Neural Networks
  • Track 2-2Pattern recognition
  • Track 2-3Action Recognition
  • Track 2-4Human Motion Analysis/Capture
  • Track 2-5Gesture/Hand Recognition
  • Track 2-6Remote sensing
  • Track 2-7Text and Pattern Processing

Multimedia applications which combine different content forms and it is a special domain. In the past 10 years, we have witnessed revolutionary changes in both hardware and software. Today, computer system, digital cameras, and even phones are  equipped with optical scanners can "see" and "hear" varied variety of objects,  various types of objects, pictures and sound, and "display", "say" and "convey" data to people on website and at remote locations via different devices.        

  • Track 3-1Video on-demand
  • Track 3-2Interactive TV
  • Track 3-3Multimedia security systems
  • Track 3-4Networked kiosk systems (medical, legal, banking, shopping, tourist)
  • Track 3-5Remote consulting systems
  • Track 3-6Visual Information Systems

Machine learning is a method for making a personal computer, a PC controlled robot, or a product think shrewdly, and within the comparative way the insightful people think.  Artificial Intelligence is concerned with system to perform task that are only feasible for humans and how people learn, choose, and work while endeavouring to take care of an issue, and at the moment utilizing the results of this investigation as a premise of making clever programming and frameworks.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a part of manmade brainpower it capacity of a CP to comprehend human discourse as it is talked. NLP is a way for computer to analyse and allowing machine to understand how human speak. NLP applications are testing since PCs normally expect humans to “talk” to them during a programming dialect which is exact, unambiguous and very organized. It is a sort of AI that examines and uses pattern recognition in data to improve a program understanding and big data set is one of the hurdles NLP currently.

A blockchain technology is a digitalized public ledger of all cryptocurrency  transactions. It is developed as the accounting technique for the virtual currency bitcoin, blockchains – that use as distributed ledger technology (DLT) – are appearing in a variety of commercial applications today. Currently, the technology is used to verify any sort of transactions, with in the digital currencies and additionally it’s potential to digitalize code and insert virtually any document into the block chain.

Blockchain and AI are two of the technologies are trending now and these two technologies are extremely totally different developing parties and applications, Integrating the two can lead to solutions for challenges that have been bothering key players for long periods of time. Blockchain provides a way to exchange worth embedded data without friction and AI enables putting data into action to create value without human efforts. AI can be used as the governing factor for maintaining immutability in a blockchain network thereby making one in the entire world’s most secure ecosystem for transactions and data exchange.

Blockchain has the ability to change various corners of the financial industry. From the approach we have a tendency to pay cash with the cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, to banks and financial institutions settling payments through Ripple, blockchain is changing the world. Employing blockchain within the financial sector reduces the value of online transactions and simultaneously increases their authenticity and security. It is also being used to protect sensitive records and to authenticate the identity of a user. It will drastically improve business processes by liberating transactional records from the historical constraint of isolation and eliminating the necessity for verification.

cryptocurrency is hard to counterfeit attributable to this security feature. Which is digital are virtual current that can be used for security purpose, A method feature of a cryptocurrency, and arguably its most appealing attract, its organic nature; it’s not issued by any central authority, on paper proof against government interference or a result of cryptocurrencies are virtual and don’t have a central repository, a digital cryptocurrency balance is additionally exhausted by a computer crash if a backup copy of the holdings doesn’t exist. Since prices are based on supply and demand, the speed at that a cryptocurrency may be changed for one more currency will fluctuate wide.

Present block chain technology is growing rapidly which can be used for enabling data governance, data provenance, data auditability and data validation in 3D printing, We all know that 3D printing technology has been growing in leaps and bounds and 3D digital manufacturing inherits several privacy and security-related challenges with multiple stake holders and also it can be used for enabling information governance, data provenance, information auditability and information validation in 3D printing.

Agriculture joins a spread of industries that area unit victimization and developing blockchain applications to enhance business transactions. Agribusiness interest in blockchain technology is rapidly growing. More and more, firms are recognizing however the rising technology’s increased knowledge management capabilities will produce supply chain efficiencies and cut back friction in transactions. The agriculture sector stands to benefit from the technology’s potential to lower dealing prices, optimize supply, increase traceability, and enhance food safety protocols.

Bitcoin is to this point the foremost successful crypto currency. However, rather like alternative cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has seen costs drop dramatically for the past few months. Worth volatility remains one in all the foremost important challenges facing all cryptocurrencies, as they try to navigate a tough ecosystem towards being recognized as a world currency.

Blockchain continues to be in its infancy and goes through a technology maturation period similar to many other technologies. Because it seems, a lot of applications besides the currency can be developed to harness the technology. The application for blockchain through Business (Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, Media) Blockchain Applications in Government, Blockchain Applications in Other Industries(Cybersecurity, Big Data, Internet of Things).

Health information technology and information security specialists’ area unit hearing a lot relating to block chain currently. “It’s the answer to interoperability.” And “the technology will solve healthcare’s looming security issues.” In terms of health information security, blockchain technology also can have a good impact. A patient’s differing interactions in the healthcare system can't solely be repaired; however having multiple checkpoints instead of one single gateway for sensitive information also can improve security.

Multimedia plays a vital role in the smarter cities eco-system because of vast presence of multimodal sensors and smart objects in the environment, increased multimedia collaboration totally different organizations, and real-time media sharing between socially-connected people. Consequently, high volume of sensory media, social media, M2M data, IoT data, open data, and mobile phone information become available in smarter cities, which need effective processing, analysis, and sharing in order to make them useful by the citizens, city government, and businesses.

  • Track 15-1Deep learning and cloud computing for multimedia big data
  • Track 15-2Green computing for multimedia big data
  • Track 15-3Interaction, access, visualization of multimedia big data
  • Track 15-4Multimedia big data systems
  • Track 15-5New theory and models for multimedia big data computing
  • Track 15-6Novel and incentive applications of multimedia big data in various fields
  • Track 15-7Semantic retrieval of multimedia big data

Block chain is promising for Internet of things security for the identical reasons it works for crypto currency: It provides assurances that knowledge is legitimate, and therefore the method that introduces new information. The problem of IoT security desires determination as a result of flowing from sensors and embedded processors will change the way urban planners lay out hospitals and bus stops. Bitcoin a neater draw back to resolve than IoT security. With bitcoin, blockchain just moves wallets of currency from one anonymous owner to a special. Full-fledged device authentication, security and management layers are a lot of complicated.

  • Track 16-1Blockchain and IoT use cases
  • Track 16-2Media quality and bandwidth for content delivery
  • Track 16-3Multimedia traffic security architecture for the Internet of Things
  • Track 16-4IoT system architecture
  • Track 16-5IoT communication
  • Track 16-6IoT enabling technologies

Multimedia Systems and Services talks regarding the essential qualities of mixed media archive taking care of, programming, security, human Personal Computer interfaces, and mixed media application administrations. It services will be ever more important in computer systems. Nowadays, pc is widespread and computer users range from extremely qualified scientists to non-computer expert professionals.

  • Track 17-1Smart-Home Multimedia Services
  • Track 17-2Multimedia Communication Services
  • Track 17-3Intelligent e-Entertainment Multimedia
  • Track 17-4Intelligent e-Learning Multimedia
  • Track 17-5Mobile Technologies and Intelligent Services
  • Track 17-6User Modeling

Computer games are the video games design requires artistic and technical competence as well as writing skills and it is played on a personal computer when compared to dedicated video game console or arcade machine. Their defining aspects include a lack of any consolidated controlling authority, a bigger degree of user control over the gaming hardware and software used and a commonly greater capacity in input, processing, and output.

Computer Graphics is one of the leading aspects of Multimedia Technology. Nowadays, computers are widespread and computer users range from highly qualified scientists to non-computer expert professionals. Computer Graphic development has been used in many areas like animation, movies, advertising, graphic design, and video games. This session deals with the novel topics and applications in Computer Graphics.  

  • Track 19-1Computer Animation
  • Track 19-2Graphical Data Compression
  • Track 19-3Motion Capture & Synthesis
  • Track 19-42D animation
  • Track 19-5Key frame animation
  • Track 19-6Physical-based animation
  • Track 19-7Facial and body animation
  • Track 19-8Cloth and hair animation
  • Track 19-9Meshed Geometry Processing
  • Track 19-10Visual Simulation
  • Track 19-11Artistic Rendering
  • Track 19-12Volumetric Modeling & Rendering

Virtual reality is going to be knowledgeable by using a range of systems such as headsets and gloves. These are used to stimulate our senses in order to create the illusion of reality. Augmented and Mixed reality came into existence from VR. There are varied applications for VR which include Virtual reality Technology for Engineering, Business Benefits of Virtual Reality in Industrial Manufacturing, VR and AR: Transforming the Automotive Industry, VR for Education and VR within the Medical Sector and so on.

  • Track 20-1Image-based rendering for virtual/augmented environments
  • Track 20-2Virtual/augmented reality user interface design and evaluation
  • Track 20-3Haptic interfaces for virtual/augmented reality
  • Track 20-4Virtual-world design and authoring tools
  • Track 20-53D sound rendering in virtual/augmented environments
  • Track 20-6Distributed multi-user virtual/augmented reality systems

Total overall spending on Artificial Intelligence (AI) will reach $46 billion by 2020. AI is almost turning into a basic piece of every business foundation, deciding on it key for organization leaders to see how this innovation can, and will, upset customary plans of action. The part of AI in upgrading client benefit and the test postured by AI calculations which are set to change the budgetary administrations division

An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a one of the main tool for machine learning and data preparing worldview that is propelled by the way organic sensory systems, for example, the mind, process data. The key part of this worldview is that the novel structure of the data handling framework. It’s created out of associate expansive range of really interconnected preparing components (neurones) working as one to take care of specific issues. ANNs, similar to individuals, learn by illustration. An ANN is designed for a particular application, for example, design acknowledgment or information arrangement, through a learning procedure. Learning in organic frameworks includes changes in accordance with the colligation associations that exist between the neurones. This is often valid for ANNs additionally.

Human Computer Interaction; a field of research is arranged at the crossing point of software engineering, behavioral sciences, plan, media concentrates on, and a few different fields of study. HCI is concerned with man-machine is also covers various aspects of the interaction between the human operator a computer system.

Recent years have supported the revolutionary development brought by multimedia systems & AI technologies. Artificial intelligence techniques have sent across healthcare even it takes discussion of whether AI doctors will eventually replace human physicians at intervals, these changes will advance many practices and industries, and health is not any exception. The miraculous changes in healthcare also brought many research opportunities in an immense spectrum of application domains, such as eHealth, health data quality assessment, personalized health with sensor data, cross-source learning for better lifestyles and health data visualization

  • Track 24-1Multimedia Applications in healthcare
  • Track 24-2Revolutionizing clinical decision making with artificial intelligence
  • Track 24-3The AI devices: ML and NLP methods
  • Track 24-4AI in health diagnostics: opportunities and issues for clinical practice
  • Track 24-5Multimedia indexing and search for healthcare
  • Track 24-6Visual analytics of skin diseases and interactive computation